Create a "new window" payment service ~ Beijing Daxing International Airport is officially launched!

April 07, 2024

This is the first time for Greek tourist Aili (transliteration) to come to China. On the plane, he was worried that he might encounter minor troubles when paying for his purchases. Having just landed at Beijing Daxing International Airport, Avery was guided by the staff to a foreign currency exchange machine regarding this issue. With the help of the staff, Avery quickly converted the euros in his hands into RMB. "It's really convenient! I didn't expect that I could exchange RMB for RMB so quickly, and I could also take out change!" Ai Li said excitedly.

In order to solve the problem of "difficulty spending money" for foreigners in China, on March 22, the foreign currency exchange machine launched by the Beijing Branch at the Overseas Guest Payment Service Center of Daxing International Airport was officially put into operation. This device allows customers to directly exchange foreign currency banknotes into RMB cash. With a clear interface, convenient operation, and support for a variety of foreign currency exchange settings, this foreign currency exchange machine is located on the west side of the counter of the Overseas Guest Payment Service Center of Daxing International Airport and has a built-in Chinese and English bilingual operation interface, which can satisfy foreign visitors immediately. The cash payment and small change exchange needs of Chinese personnel in Beijing.

"Foreigners coming to China can follow the page prompts to directly convert foreign currency banknotes into RMB, and intelligently match banknotes of 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan and 1 yuan coins in various denominations." On-site staff demonstrated while demonstrating introduce. Previously, ICBC Beijing Branch has launched an ATM machine that supports foreign card withdrawals of RMB 10 and RMB 100 in the payment service center for overseas guests at Daxing International Airport. After the foreign currency exchange machine is put into operation, Daxing International Airport can simultaneously meet the dual needs of foreigners coming to China to self-exchange RMB through foreign cards and foreign currency cash.

"Optimizing payment services for foreigners in China is an important measure for us to improve the quality of financial services, optimize the business environment, promote payment for the people and high-level opening up." The relevant person in charge said that in recent years, under the guidance of relevant departments and the head office, Actively upgrade payment scenarios, actively collaborate with multi-dimensional market entities such as governments, merchants, and users, continuously optimize the "walk-in" payment experience for overseas people, and continue to enhance the "soft power" of financial services.

Based on Daxing International Airport, ICBC Beijing Branch strives to build a one-stop financial service experience outlet for overseas passengers, and undertakes the construction and operation of the Daxing Airport Overseas Guest Payment Service Center to meet customers’ cash needs, facilitate financial payments for overseas guests, and help promote Beijing as an international consumer center city Window image contributes.

It is reported that ICBC’s foreign exchange business outlets in Beijing can provide personal foreign currency cash exchange services. 150 outbound financial service centers can support the exchange business of 22 foreign currency cash currencies. More than 2,600 ATMs support foreign currency cash exchange services. Card withdrawal. While providing a variety of cross-border services such as foreign exchange settlement and purchase, cross-border remittances, and foreign currency cash reservations, ICBC Beijing Branch continues to strengthen software and hardware configurations, enrich service methods, and actively provide convenience for foreigners in China to open accounts, make payments, and foreign currency exchanges. Continuously optimize the financial service experience.

ICBC Beijing Branch will always actively respond to the call, continue to optimize payment services, continuously improve cash service levels, refine specific work plans and supporting measures, fully meet the diverse payment and settlement needs of foreigners in China, the elderly and other groups, and in order to promote domestic Seamless connection with foreign countries, further optimizing the business environment, promoting high-quality development and promoting high-level opening up will contribute more.

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