Look! Create a new payment service "new window" for digital RMB currency internationalization?

April 01, 2024

In order to further optimize the payment environment and meet market demand for payment facilitation. Under the guidance of the People's Bank of China and the Administration of Foreign Exchange, self-service currency exchange machines have been specially deployed, which can provide 8 language services and 8 mainstream foreign currency exchanges. You only need to move your fingers and follow the system prompts to complete simple operations, no more than You can exchange the RMB cash you need in three minutes.

With the development of digital renminbi work, international friends have more choices for consumption channels. The digital RMB foreign currency exchange machine accepts 18 foreign currencies such as US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Japanese yen, and Korean won, with a total of 169 types of foreign currency banknotes in denominations.

Yes, digital RMB can be used in multiple scenarios in the future. "This is the idea of a Beijing citizen when the digital renminbi "red envelope" (A red envelope, red packet, hongbao or ang pau is a gift of money) was piloted many years ago: It is similar to converting foreign exchange exchange through a virtual envelope. ~! It was just an idea at the time, but now the scenario application of digital renminbi has been realized. According to the introduction, the main conversion form finally realizes this function through "soft wallet" and "hard wallet". Soft wallet refers to the wallet service provided by supporting smart applications. It can be understood as a software wallet and exists in the form of App. Hard wallets refer to physical media that store digital renminbi opened through counters or electronic channels, such as IC cards, mobile terminals, wearable devices, Internet of Things devices, etc. The specific functions of this smart exchange machine are: 1. Exchange foreign currency cash for RMB cash, 2. Exchange foreign currency cash for digital RMB hard wallet, 3. Recharge foreign currency cash for digital RMB hard wallet, 4. Query the balance and transaction details of the digital RMB hard wallet and other four functions.

At the same time, it can exchange cash in 20 currencies such as US dollars and euros, supports screen and voice prompts in 8 languages including Chinese, English, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean and Russian, and supports ID cards, passports, Hong Kong and Macao passes, etc. 8 types of certificate processing.

According to the person in charge of the bank, as a part of international financial services, the ATMs launched through this financial service point can fully meet the RMB cash withdrawal services of major international cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

In addition to supporting RMB cash withdrawals in standard denominations of 100 yuan, it has also been specially upgraded to support cash withdrawals in small denominations of 10 yuan to optimize ATM payment functions. Financial service points will provide "Cash Service Guidelines" and "Service Manuals" and other information in six languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese and Spanish, to facilitate customer consultation and review. In addition, in order to achieve a full range of foreign currency cash service guarantees, full-featured outlets that handle multiple foreign currency businesses can meet the cash payment needs of foreigners coming to China.


It is reported that due to the different payment habits between China and foreign countries, some foreigners coming to China have previously expressed inconvenience in daily payments, especially for short-term stays such as traveling and visiting. They do not have local bank cards and are not used to online consumption.

To this end, "according to the payment habits of different groups, coordinate efforts to open up the existing blockages in payment services, bridge the digital divide, and strive to improve the multi-level and diversified payment service system, especially the elderly, foreigners in China and other groups to provide better quality , efficient and convenient payment services." In this regard, ICBC fully implements the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, vigorously improves payment service levels, clears payment congestion points, promotes payment for the people, serves high-quality development, and promotes high-level open exchanges with the outside world.

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