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March 26, 2024

Do you know? What did the world's first ATM machine look like?

June 27, 1967

Barclays Bank Enfield Branch, UK

It was the first ATM installed in the world

In other words, ATM is already 50 years old.

Then Shepherd-Barron met Barclays CEO Harold Darvill

After two days of negotiations

Barclays decides to buy 6 prototype machines

Put into use soon

Invented by John Shepard Byron and improved upon by de la Rue, the machine operated on a summons system.

 The maximum amount that can be withdrawn at one time is $28.

John Shepherd-Barron, the creator of the ATM machine

Describe the invention process

He was working in an equipment manufacturing company at the time

Because the bank is closed on Saturday and he can’t withdraw money.

That’s why  have such a bold idea

So how does it ensure it works?

Initially, you need to go to the Barclays counter to request a special check!

Because, this special check contains the element carbon 14~

and has a manual signature and is valid within six months

Then you can take this check and insert it into the ATM

Enter the 4-digit verification code (found on the check)

to withdraw money and it’s only £10 at a time

At the same time, another type of ATM was born, which is called the Chubb version of ATM.

 It uses a new plastic bank card. These cards will have card holes. 

Yes, this is to allow the machine to read the data, and then Users can enter the 4-digit verification code.

Although it is replaced by plastic, 

the ATM machine will not spit out the bank card but will keep it in the machine and be collected by the staff before returning it to the user.

The number on the card represents the denomination

In 1969, there were two very important inventions

Established the foundation of modern ATM

One reason is that Bank in the United States used ATMs that can read magnetic stripes

The accompanying bank card comes with a magnetic stripe

Record the account associated with the card

Necessary data such as bank branch numbers

The ATM has a built-in printer

Can print transaction vouchers

Another is the emergence of vacuum cash suction technology

This enables ATMs to quickly withdraw banknotes

Illustrated diagram of vacuum cash suction patent

Afterwards, more and more banks began to use ATMs

And even put up an advertisement saying "Our bank never rests"

In theory, ATM can improve bank efficiency

It allows customers to withdraw money without restrictions

Capable of becoming a competitive advantage for banks to seize customers

The addition of IBM in 1972 allowed ATM to evolve to its full version

The new system developed by IBM enables ATM to truly connect to the internet

ATM can communicate in real-time with banks

This means that real-time account auditing and account information changes become possible.

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