What is cash deposit machine?

August 28, 2023


    We all know that when we go to the bank to handle business, it is the most convenient and efficient way to find an ATM machine to handle related business. 

    ATM machines are also called Automatic Teller Machines, and ATMs can be divided into two types, one is a deposit and withdrawal machine, and the other is a special cash machine. ATM cannot deposit, so only deposit and withdrawal machines can deposit money .That is to say, our CDM is a Cash Deposit Machine, which is a cash deposit machine. It can handle balance inquiry and deposit services. 

    The CDM of many banks has a variety of functions. It can not only manage account funds, but also transfer money, pay phone bills and other personalized services. In short, CDM is a very important device for every bank in the city.

Here I will explain what is CDM, what are its functions and operating procedures?

    First of all, anything that can save money can be called a CDM (cash deposit machine), but it cannot be called an ATM. 

    Secondly, there are generally two specific deposit methods, one with a card and the other without a card. Regardless of the method, please flatten and stack the cash that needs to be deposited in advance, and remove any attachments (such as paper clips) , clips, rubber bands, etc.) because you don't want to see your money ripped. 

    Note here, try not to mix banknotes, unless you are sure that the CDM in front of you can accept mixed banknotes. 

    Generally, the machines only accept large denomination banknotes, and the quantity is limited each time. So please pay attention to the prompts of the machine. Don’t put too many banknotes in one time. Sometimes the coins will get stuck in the machine. Don’t say I didn’t tell you when you can’t get them out!

Regarding the difference between having a card and not having a card;

1. For machines that have a card and can be inserted into the card, we operate according to the prompts, wait until the banknote opening on the machine is opened, put in the prepared banknotes, wait for the machine to click, and take care to take away the returned banknotes that the machine cannot recognize ( If there is any), if some banknotes are withdrawn by the machine, you can choose to continue to add banknotes or accept a reduction in the deposit amount, and then follow the machine prompts. Remember, don't forget to take the card and receipt after completing the process.

2. If you don’t have a card, enter the deposit card number according to the prompt of the machine, and then follow the same steps as on the scene. Finally, please take away all the cash and receipts.

Maximum capacity

ATM machine deposits are limited, and the capacity of a machine is limited. Sometimes the machine will be full. At this time, you need to go to the bank counter to handle the deposit business.


Normally, each bank has a limit in its business rules, and each bank has different regulations. That is to say, when there is no manual verification of customer identity information, it is reasonable for each person to make a self-service deposit through an ATM device in a single day. maximum amount. Therefore, if the limit is exceeded, you also need to go to the counter to handle your business in person. But don't worry, as long as you bring the relevant documents, you can deposit as much as you want, because banks like customers to deposit money the most.

So,here I will recommend to you Cash Deposit Machine CDM

With Card Bill Banknote Deposit Machine!



High-speed cash deposit equipment, it is a non-stop, automatically acceptance banknote deposit  machine;  with  functions  such  as  currency  recognition,  denomination  sorting, banknote serial number tracking, etc., suitable for application scenarios where large quantity of notes acceptance; the flexible/friendly software solution make it easily connect to bank host system, or Merchant ERP system etc. to achieve real -time account credit.

The product can be widely used in places that need to store a large amount of cash, such as banks, malls, supermarkets, stores, hospitals, gas stations, large enterprises, communities, etc.

Shenjiang Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd can provide many modes of transportation for .


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About Shenjiang

Guangdong Shenjiang Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd  is professional manufacturer of bank financial equipment, which is located in Guangdong, China. We focus on Cash deposit machine, banknote sorting machine and ATM Parts. We own special R&D teams around 30 staffs for CDM Cash deposit machine, currency sorting machine, currency counting machine, ATM Machine and Parts, pos terminal, ect. We own Identification and counterfeiting experience of over 100 currencies; Besides, our subsidiaries are also operating ATM machines and ATM accessories. we are the leading supplier for ATM Parts, and now we have expanded our business, customize cash deposit machine and other products as own brand “ Shenjiang”. We accept OEM or ODM, will walk you through the entire solution creation process, from pre-sale communication, design, manufacture, shipment to the installation. Provide you with professional cash management solutions one-to-one, Minimize costs and maximize benefits for customers, while providing efficient and responsible after-sales service. Entrepreneurship: Serve customers with sincerity and achieve yourself with quality Corporate slogan: innovation, integrity, passion, collaboration. Corporate values: Serve every customer well, make every employee a success Goal: Become a global market leader in deposit machine and sorting machine financial solutions.

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